I love the game “I Want Watermelon,” it is so happy! I like the graphics, colors, fun shapes, easy game play, and the music and game sounds are good. I can leave it paused and come back to it without a problem, and enjoy that feature. I also like that the game is not loaded with ads or crashing on my device at all, unlike similar games I have tried it is functional. This game inspired me to play music. I would love to start learning to play accordion, and would like to play this song.

- A player from Arkansas from iOS

I am a huge fan of your game I Want Watermelon. I discovered it over the summer, and I have been completely addicted ever since. It is so much fun to play. I showed the game to some of my friends, and they have all become addicted to it too. They have been showing the game to their friends, and now everyone loves it. I wanted to thank you for creating such a fun game. I am so glad that I found it.

- Jolie from Phoenix, Arizona from iOS

👏Very VERY good. It hepps me relax and im almost on this 24/7! Keep it up with these AMAZING games 🎮❤️😄😄

- Ayla Kamel from Google Play

Es una adicción 😍😍😍🔝🔝🔝

- Vane Berko from Google Play

j'adore se jeu il m'apaise et me calme se jeu est exceptionnelle ses devenue mon jeu préféré je ne fait que jouer a sa mais petite avis a vous tous parfois il fait rager mais je vous l'assure ajouter le dans vos jeu et installer le je veut que se jeu devienne viral malgré qu'il le sois déjà grâce a tiktok et plein d'autre belle application je vous souhaite du bonheur en jouant a se jeu et nayer pas peur qu'il vous demande des informations sur vous il est magique merci d'avoir lue mon avis

- Sophia Labelle from Google Play

el juego me encanta x varias razones, es entretenido, no se necesita wifi, no tiene anuncios, etc. Hay algo q deberian corregir que es que a veces las frutas se superponen, es decir, un anana con un arandano y asi. Pero en general el juego esta muy bueno, lo recomiendo!!

- Lucia Di Blaci from Google Play

I love it. My sister and I are in a competition to see who can get the first watermelon. 11/10 would recommend

- Teagan Martins from Google Play

Game is so fun, I love the fun music, colors, and shaped fruits. I enjoy the somewhat challenging but very simple merge style game. It does not crash my phone, the only adds (in the version I have now) are banner and don't interrupt game play at all. Customer service is really helpful, too. They were polite, fixed the issues, and answered my questions. I enjoy the game and would totally recommend it for low stress pass-time.

- Gracie Petty from Google Play

I love it! It's definitely a fun game. It never gets boring. However, there are a few bugs. For example, the shaker occasionally glitches, or the fruits get layered directly on top of the other, causing lag spikes. Other than that, I have no problems and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a game that can be played offline and is a real-time filler!

- Lily Coleman from Google Play

pretty nice game! i really like it. i started playing because i saw quite a few streamers play a similar one very awfully and thought "how hard can it be!?". imo it's not that hard, their techniques just sucked lol. ANYWAY i wish you'd fix the major issue of the shaking never working. i appreciate that the only ads are a little banner below, i appreciated it more when there were no ads, but i understand you need to keep the lights on. i hope you don't continue to escalate them.

- shiny paint f from Google Play

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